Who can use Produce Live?

Anyone! The possibilities are endless. From the buyer side, those such as restaurant owners, grocery store buyers, etc. will benefit from posting a need they have for sellers to respond to. From the seller side, brokers, growers and wholesalers will benefit from posting product they have to sell to an audience of buyers.


How do I get started?

  1. Simply register to create a free account by clicking on the "Register" link.
  2. Complete all required fields at minimum on the registration page and press the "Register" link at the bottom of the screen. You will receive an activation email at the email address you entered.
  3. To activate your account, open the email you receive from Produce Live LLC and click on the activation link.

You'll then be able to login and have immediate access to all current buying and selling posts as well as the ability to create posts of your own!


How much does it cost?

It is free to register for an account. For each post that you create (buying or selling), there is a one time set fee. Your post will be Live for a specified number of days, with an option to duplicate your post upon expiration for an additional fee, if needed, in order to post for a longer period of time.


How do I create a post?

On the website or mobile web, once you have registered your free account, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the orange "+ Create New Post" link.
  2. Complete the required fields, and optional fields, if desired. Upload image of product. In order to upload multiple images, select all images at the same time that you want to upload. The first image uploaded will default to the primary image for the post. The additional posts can be viewed from the "Product Detail" screen.
  3. Choose the "Go Live" option at the bottom of the Create New Post screen and follow the prompts to process payment. Your post will be Live instantly for viewing and responding to by other users. If you are not ready to have your post Go Live, you can save a draft for editing later.


On the App, you access the same "Create New Post" feature by clicking on the floating orange circle "+" in the bottom right corner of the Home screen. Then follow the same steps 2 and 3 above.


Can I edit my post once it is Live?

Yes. Once your post is Live, you have the edit options to deactivate or duplicate your post. To access this edit feature, go to the "My Posts" tab of your user profile and click on the gray box with 3 green vertical dots that is in the top right hand corner of the post you want to edit.


How will I know if someone is interested in my post?

A registered Produce Live user will reach out to you about your post via the "Ask a Question" link on the "Product Detail" screen of your Live post. You'll receive email and App notifications about the inquiry with the user's contact information. You can then contact the interested party and arrange the details regarding puchase price, billing and transportation via whatever mechanism your business requires and your post can be deactivated. If you do not deactivate your post, it will expire and no longer be viewable by other users on the webite after a specified number of days. Deactivated or Expired posts are still accessable under your "My Posts" tab of your user profile for duplication to create future posts of the same kind. You're encouraged to keep your posts up-to-date to ensure reliability in your business and keep turn over of your product at the level you need.


When I am searching for a specific item, how can I tell if a post is someone looking for product (i.e. a buying post) or someone looking to sell product (i.e. a selling post)?

In the top left corner of every post there is an orange "B" for buying posts or a green "S" for selling posts. You can set a filter for either post type in your search by pressing the filter link and selecting the preferred "Post Type" option.


What are the different menu options under my user profile?

Under your user profile, you have access to the following tools:

  • Create New Post: allows you to create new posts in the same way that clicking on the orange "+ Create New Post" link does.
  • Dashboard: a snapshot your latests posts, transactions on Produce Live, notifications and profile information (i.e. name, contact info and profile image).
  • My Posts: a listing of all your posts in any status (i.e. Live, draft, deactivated, expired, etc.). You can view these posts by clicking on the post tile. You can edit these various post types by clicking on the gray square with 3 green vertical dots. Duplicating a post will allow you to use previous posts to create and pay for your next post with ease.
  • My Favorites: Any posts that match the notification setting you have chosen will appear under this tab.
  • Notifications: You can choose commodity and location settings that allow you to receive notifications about posts that go live that you may be interested in. These notifications will come to you via email, website and app (if you select to allow notifications when installing the app). You will always receive a notification when you create a live post, 24-hours prior to the post expiring and when the post has expired to keep you updated on post status as well as notifications about questions you've received on your post. If a post is no longer available/needed from your end, you can deactivate the post prior to expiration.
  • Transactions: a detailed list of all your transactions on Produce Live. Clicking on the "Post ID" links will take you to the post.
  • Blocked User: If you have received a notification from someone that you do not want to receive notifications from, you can block that user from the notification event in your post. Any blocked users will be listed here with an option to unblock the user, which can be done from the notification event in the post as well.
  • My Profile: another way to edit your profile information (i.e. name, contact info and profile image).
  • Settings: links to update your password, save payment information and set notification preferences.